[SOLVED] Collisions and new objects

The manual says
"There are three kinds of events that may be generated: the “in” event, when a particular object collides with another object that it didn’t in the previous pass, the “out” event, when an object is no longer colliding with an object it collided with in the previous pass, and the “again” event, when an object is still colliding with the same object that it did in the previous pass. "

What happens if, during my main game loop, I create a collision solid which immediately overlaps a currently-existing ‘from’ object? During the very next collision check is a collision event fired and if so is it an “in”, an “again” or what? I ask because on the very next pass of the collision checker, there is no ‘previous pass’ to compare with.

I haven’t tried it (which would be the straightforward way of finding out for sure), but in the situation you describe it hasn’t collided before and starts colliding, so it’ll be an “in” event for the first frame.

It turns out that I had a fault in my code and yes, when you create a new object which overlaps a ‘from’ collider, an ‘into’ event is created.