[SOLVED]Chicken-Pview stencil not rendered correctly.

I used test scene for stencils from chicken repo.
5 textures.
When scene is exported and viewed, only first stencil is rendered correctly. Needed to enable per-pixel lighting to get shader generator.
Picture without shader generator

with shader generator

There is radial grayscale gradient, and it should be used as stencil map, that orange-ish texture should only be visible in center, and slightly around it, it should not be visible at all at corners.

Is setup in that.blend wrong, or is it chicken’s fault, or bug in shader generator?

Can you upload an example with *.blend, *.egg and textures?
As I know, chicken just implement Blender’s stencil through Panda/Open GL texture combine modes, therefore highly probable that in this case the stencil is misinterpreted.

Here it is, downloaded from chicken sourceforge repo.

I’m not shure, but it seems to me, that Blender mixes both stencil textures to apply to the last (fifth) texture. If so, then not possible to repeat this thing with the standart texture blending, becouse we needed two saved texture results, while only one (last_saved_result) available to us, and only with autoshader. So, you need to make a custom shader.

Ok, this is very weird, i made my own file from scratch and it works…
I will mark thread as solved.