[Solved] Bump mapping

Hey guys.

I have a wall with bump map texture on it and I would like it to reflect the lights to make the wall look shiny or wet. I’ve made a quick render, so you can actually see what I’m looking for.


Hopefully this is possible. Thanks in advance. :wink:

Certainly that’s possible. Use a normal map (check out the bump mapping example) combined with a gloss map to achieve that result.

Yeah, I followed the bump mapping example from samples. Could you explain a bit more about gloss maps and how to combine them?

a gloss map is an additional map to ur bump-/normal-map. The glossmap defines the gloss/specular values off the geometry, i think black is no gloss white is maximum gloss. You can just use a white gloss map to make your wall appear wet, but you could paint some areas darker where the wall scouldnt be so wet. Dont know what you mean with “combine them”…

hope this helps a bit,


Oh so it’s just another texture applied on model. It worked really nicely. By combining I was thinking that I would need to put some additional code.

Thanks for the help.

Note that, if your entire surface has the same specularity (if its entirely made of the same material, no rust spots, etc) you can simply alter the material’s shininess value and you won’t have to use a gloss map.

Do you mean I could do it in Panda3d with some code? If so, may I know the code? Thanks for the info.

Or in the egg file. But yeah, you can simply create a new Material, setShininess to the desired value, and use setMaterial on your NodePath to assign it. Consult the API reference for more details.

Alright, no more questions. Thanks alot!

It would be easier/quicker to set that in blender with the ref and spec values.