[SOLVED] Blender Problem Exporting EGG Files

Hi, I used Blender in the past, and everything worked fine, but now I’m using it again, and it is not working the way it should. Firstly, I create my model, select the entire model, mark seams on every edge, and unwrap it. Then I go to the UV/Image editor, finding my polygons of my model there in the image. I create a new image, and then I go back to my 3D view. When I select the texture paint mode, it says there are no image textures for it to use, but I just created one! It did not have this problem in the past… Anyway, I fix this problem (kinda) by creating a new Alpha image, and then texture it, then back in my UV/Image editor, I set the image to the image texture I just made in the 3D view. Then, I pack the Image as a PNG, I go back to my 3D view, go to the textures icon, and I set the mapping to UV mapping. After that, I go to File > Export > Panda3D (.egg) (I am using Yabee exporter). Then, I make sure ‘UV as Texture’ box is checked, and the ‘Copy texture files’ box is also checked, supposed to create a folder ‘tex’ and put the image I packed as PNG into that folder, relative to the egg file. Then I finish by exporting the model. I see the egg model is exported, however the ‘tex’ folder and png texture file is no where to be seen. I run the egg file in pview, never seeing the image, and then the console prints a ton of errors, saying something like there is an error loading Alpha texture, this texture, etc. It does not give this error when I don’t pack it as PNG, and if I don’t pack it as PNG, then the model shows up in pview, but with no texture (no texture files exported still). Can someone please help me out?

I am using Blender 1.73a, I tried Blender 1.72b, which used to work, but still didn’t work. I kept 1.73a since an alpha version wasn’t the problem. I am using the Blender plugin, Yabee, to export my models. Also, I am using the Mac Operating System, version 10.10.2 (Yosemite). Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

UPDATE: After a little experimenting, it seems from selecting the ‘Diffuse Color’ option instead of the ‘Alpha’ option, the file exported properly with the texture file, and loaded properly in Panda3D. If this continues, then I will mark this solved. Thanks!

UPDATE: After a little more testing, it seems Yabee is being stupid again…

Most of the time, Yabee gives me this warning “nothing to export”, however there’s obviously a mesh which I can see in the program! I texture it with Diffuse Coloring, etc. and it’s not working… it’s still exporting the file without the texture file again. What am I missing?

It would help if you posted the .blend file.

Hi, thanks for your reply rdb, it seems I have fixed my problem already, however. Here’s what I did: I kept the ‘UV as Texture’ box unchecked, as I thought it had to be checked because it had to be when I did it in the past, however things change. I have tried it a few times, and my problem was solved. Thanks!