[SOLVED] Any idea whats wrong with this .EGG?



So initially, this was apart of a spaceship model. The model fails to load with a generic “cannot load model - blahblah”.

It worked fine before i added the new models, so i just exported the ship without them and it, again, worked fine. I tried to export the thrusterImages by themselves, they exported, but the texturepath was strange, all of the lines had a 2 space offset, the usual comment at the top of YABEE exported eggs wasnt there, an assortment of things.

(just scroll down to view a uselessly sized image)

But anyway, i wrote an autoit script and fixed the egg up in an automated fashion. I made the egg look similar to every other working egg i have, but it still fails to load.

Any ideas?

it has some unusual group names like “effect (-0,n,n)” which probably make sense in the model but the punctuation characters cause problems. try renaming with only letters,numbers, and _.

Ah, thats it! Thank you very much, sir.