[Solved]Adding an Event Channel to Actors Animation

Hello All,

I’m currently thinking about adding an event channel to the Actor Animation.
The idea is to be able to configure Actor to say :

  • for “run” animation, at frame 1, 12, 24 send event “FOOT_DOWN”
  • for “send_rock” animation , at frame 16 send event “ROCK_SENT”
  • for “parry_high” animation, from frame 10 to 20 send event “PARRY_ON”

I would like to know if such thing exists in Panda?

Else i’m thinking about creating a Sequence chaining subsets of the full animation with send event commands and play this sequence instead of the original animation.
Is it realistic in terms of performance cost?

Isn’t this already possible?
For example, you can do:

class myclass:
  self.myactor.punchLeft = Sequence(
  self.myactor.actorInterval('run', startFrame = 1, endFrame = 12),
  self.myactor.actorInterval('run', startFrame = 13, endFrame = 24))
  def footDown(self):
    #put here what you want to do when the foot is down