Smooth wall collision

I have a first person set up. Right now, when it collides with geometry, the player is just forced to a stop. But this prevents the player from sliding against the wall when not directly facing that wall, like you would see in most FPS games. I hope I explained that well. Basically, a player running into a wall should be blocked by that wall, but if they look rightish of leftish while still running into that wall, they should move along it, with the player speed dependent on the angle of the direction the player is facing.

I’m an amateur – how could I implement this?

edit: bump map sample is a good example of this

Well, how are you currently implementing collision? For one thing, are you using Panda’s built-in collision facilities, or one of the various integrations of a third-party collision engine, such as Bullet?

If you’re using Panda’s collision system (see the manual, under “Collision Detection”–this should be the first page), and you’re not already doing the following, you might try using a CollisionHandlerPusher for your object–I’ve generally found that to produce decent results, including allowing objects to slide along walls, I believe.