Smoke rocket without using ParticleEffect

Hi everyone !!

Does someone know how could make a smoke from a rocket without using ParticleEffect?? If I use it, the game come extremelly slow, thats why I don’t want to use it.
Is it possible or not ???

Thanks in advance!! :smiley:

Animated billboards.
That, or use a task to manually set the heading of your animated face (quad) to ‘face’ the camera. You will be limited to the pitch angle of the camera though. Looking straight from the bottom will reveal that its flat. I think youre just setting the particle amount too high, though

What exactly do you want to do? Produce the trail of smoke that a rocket has when proceeding through the air?

Yes… something like that.

I thought in smoke but could be just fire come out from the turbine. I mean, I have an space ship, or something like that, and I want to show something to realize it’s moving


Did you not understand my solution?

Check the manual on automatic texture animation or the sample program texture switching.

As Anon wrote you will need a animated billboard.

Well those are two different things. In my game I have space ships too. When the engines fire up, that is when the ship is accelerating, right know I only show some engine glow. That’s just two polygons produces by the CardMaker class, parented to a node. On key press you then do and on key up you do node.hide()

For movement trails … that’s a different bag. You might want to look at treeform’s Pyro framework. I am using something different for my rockets similar to shooters like Quake 3. When a rocket moves through space it spawns a new billboard polygon every 0.15 seconds via a doMethodLater task. When a rocket hits something, that task is terminated.

Your solution will depend on how much detail your solution needs, i.e. how close the camera will be or how much time the player spends looking at it.

I could provide code later if needed.

He can’t understand your solution if he hasn’t clearly stated his problem yet.

sorry for my late reply. I had a lot of problems and I could’nt countinue with this. :frowning:

Has anyone got any Animated billboards examples??
I read the manual but I could not make an example in order to do it.

Thanks in advance