Small problem

I was attempting to get the status from baseline.body.Moon.Moon using this

from baseline.body.Moon import Moon

and when I use this I get

TypeError: unbound method getCurrentstatus() must be called with Moon instance as first argument (got nothing instead)

Also please don’t judge me for being an idiot because I have a feeling I am making an obvious mistake I just don’t know it’s one of those days where I’m just not thinking well… But I have to get this done :frowning: any help would be much appreciate and thank you everyone for spending your time to help someone else :slight_smile:

Hi, I dunno what this class is, I can tell you however that you need to create an instance of it beforehand.

Like so:

from baseline.body.Moon import Moon
myMoon = Moon()

That will have the effect that you are looking for.

Again though, I have no idea what that class is or where it came from, I only know how to fix the error :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, I was even reading upon oo programming recently… Thank you