Small performance-related question

I am a big python fan, but a lot of people seem to think a game’s core and stuff should be written in C/C++. Would Panda3d have any performance drawbacks compared to a ‘full’ C engine?
I personally think it should work just fine, since it’s a python layer around C (or something like that :stuck_out_tongue:), I just wanna make sure.

Panda3D is a ‘full’ C++ engine. It’s perfectly appropriate for developing a full-performance game.

Although some people occasionally express concern over having the main loop of your program be driven by Python instead of C++, it’s not the main loop that consumes the vast majority of the processing power in a typical application–that would be things like rendering and collisions, which are handled in C++ in Panda, even if the main loop is in Python. My suspicion is that people who think Python shouldn’t be the main loop, have never tried it.

Disney’s Toontown Online is an example of a professional application written using Panda3D as the core, with Python as the main loop and handling all of the basic game logic.


ok, thanks.