Small bug in

IMO there is a small bug in

The following works on my computer:

manager = FilterManager(,
tex = Texture("Color")
quad = manager.renderSceneInto(textures = {"color":tex})


manager = FilterManager(,
tex = Texture("Color")
quad = manager.renderSceneInto(colortex = tex)

The problem is the signature of renderSceneInto:

def renderSceneInto(self, depthtex=False, ...)

It should be (for every paramter):

def renderSceneInto(self, depthtex=None, ...)

This issue has already been fixed in CVS, and will be included in 1.5.3. Thanks anyways for reporting :slight_smile:

Ok (next time I should check this myself). In this case, there is one more :slight_smile:

When I start my application (Wintendo, ATI gfx card, pandagl) with 800 x 600 and the following snippet:

filters = CommonFilters(,

everything is ok. When I resize the window up to 1600 x 1200 everythings works fine. If I replace setBloom with setCartoonInk the applications runs fine with 800 x 600. If I resize the window to 1600 x 1200, the application crashes. If I resize it only to e.g. 1400 x 1000 it does not crash.

Modify the notify level to spam yields:

:gobj(debug): recording cache entry: geom 09E8C754, 09E8A9CA, total_size = 9
:pgraph(spam): frame_rate_root/frame_rate_camera cull result = 0
:gobj(debug): remove_entry(geom 09E8D632, 00F3B57C)
:gobj(debug): remove_entry(geom 09E85750, 09E8A9CA)
:display(spam): begin_frame(render): GLGraphicsBuffer filter-base 00EDE6CC
:display(spam): begin_frame(parasite): wglGraphicsWindow window1 00ED70CC
:display:gsg:glgsg(debug): loading uncompressed texture scene-color

When I start the application with notify spam the application needs about 5 seconds to display one frame. When I resize the window before the first frame is drawn, the application does not crash. If I let the application draw one frame, then resize the window, the application crashes.

Looks like the driver is not happy with a fullscreen normal buffer I guess, but maybe I’m wrong.

Did you check whether this still occurs with the latest filter files from cvs? Get them from here: … rc/filter/

I’ve updated only the source but not the shaders.

€: Now everything in the filter directory is updated to the CVS version but the crash still happens.