Slow Particles

I’m using particles and they are slow sometimes. They seem to slow when they intersect other non-geometry particles. Does this have something to do with the sorting that is going on for alpha blending on the particles? Is there any way to to turn this off? I tried putting the particles in the “unsorted” bin but that doesn’t work. I also tried assigning my own bin that was “fixed” and that still doesn’t seem to help.

Any way to make this faster? Also I heard that this might be getting rewritten. Is that true? Any way to optimize?

Particles don’t pay any mind to other geometry in the scene, so it’s hard to imagine how intersecting other particles could have an impact here. What kind of particles are you experiencing slowness with? You mention non-geometry particles, does that imply that you are experiencing slowness with geometry particles, that is, where each particle is a fully instanced model subgraph?

We are indeed working on some low-level optimizations that may make particles, particularly geometry particles, faster.


They were actually sprite particles with transparency. I got it to run faster by using less particles and turning off Depth Write which I needed to do anyways.