Slicing Eve (3D model)

I have been trying to slice her (as an actor) into pieces thru controlJoints for a while now. I have tried hiding those nodepath, reparenting them to something else and only method I have figured that does something like I want is to scale the parts that I don’t want to 0. This works, kind of, but with this method I cannot get all the pieces I would like to get, as I scale for example the chest, head cannot be scaled back to be visible.

If I take the child of the controlJoint, I get a ModelNode, but as far as I see, it offers nothing to remove or hide it?

Is there a way to slice a model thru controlJoints? Any other ideas? I have near 0 modelling skills, so that option is not currently available…

  • Muro

The node returned by controlJoint does not actually contain the geometry in question, so hiding it will have no effect. It’s just a control node, not a geometry node, so all you can do to it is control its transform.

If you want to get a piece of the model for hiding, or changing the colors or textures or something, you have to pre-process the model with egg-optchar, and use the -flag option to name the pieces that you want to edit. Then you can find() those pieces by name at runtime.