Size of compiled software

I’m approaching for the first time to panda3d in these days and i wish to know if it’s possible to create a standalone executable for my application and of a acceptable size.

I saw some poor standalone apps occupying lots of megabytes! Is this right ?

What is an “acceptable size”? If you write a python application and distribute it as a standalone executable, it will have to include all of python.exe, python.dll, and most of the system .py files, so right there you’ve got “lots of megabytes”.

You could reduce this size by writing your game in C++ instead of Python. Then you’d only have to ship it with your code itself, and the supporting Panda dll’s (about 10 megabytes), and a few system .dll’s. If you really wanted to bring it down, you could compile Panda static, and then you wouldn’t have to ship with the full dll, only the part that you actually used.

But it’s been a long time since I’ve seen an application, any application, that was smaller than a few megabytes. And 3-D applications are almost always in the “lots of megabytes” range. How big is too big?