single step game engine (pause, resume)

We are exploring using Panda to display sensor data (3D). No user input, no physics.

Is is possible to put Panda in manual clock mode? Were we pause or stop it, but can still receive network datagrams, and do update of objects (position, pose)?

We also need a way of getting an event when Panda3D is done rendering.

For the simulation folks, they would like to run panda without the gui altogether (they would query the 3D model programmatically). So can it be run with without a display?

These things in Panda3D happen via the task manager, and you can stop and start tasks at your leisure, even take control over when the task manager happens. The default render task has a sort value of 50, so if you want something to happen just after rendering, you can add it as a task give it a sort value of 51.

Yes, you can run Panda3D without a display. Just use windowType=‘none’ to the ShowBase constructor or set ‘window-type none’ as a config prc setting.