Single Armature Robotic Animation

Google searching has not proved useful this time around…

I’ve been able to model and rig basic symmetric robots with Blender using multiple armatures. Since the egg exporter plugin can only export one armature at a time, will I have no choice but to make a single mesh, single armature robot and weight paint each of the vertices to the best of my ability? I don’t wish to resort to assembling multiple objects in code…

Thanks in advance!

Extra info: The robot I aspire to successfully rig resembles a human.

you can use vertex-groups if you’r more comfortable with them than painting. aside from that you’r indeed forced to use only one armature. i think you may use multiple meshes,thought (if they are all aniamted by the same armature).

Awesome. I always thought weight painting was the only option with the exporter (Is vertex grouping similar, if not exactly the same as weight painting, but just different methods?); silly me to make assumptions.

Thanks! I’ll try to report back if all goes well.

Note: Why are the replies on this forum always so quick and awesome? Literally every other forum I have posted on is 50% flame, 50% information…you guys are awesome!

blenders animation system was quite messed up until 2.5 so many different ways/methods were implemented over the time and partially merged. afaik vertex groups and weight painting go hand in hand, but weight painting allows a more detailed controll. aside from that, same thing i guess.

about the community here… well. i guess everyone tries his/her best and that’s how things work out somehow.