Simulator - kayaking


I am a nooby and wading thru the manual.

One of my interests is kayaking and I have a home-built excerciser for a work-out when the weather is windy/wet/cold etc etc.

To make it more interesting I would like to create a scene ( or scenes) where one paddles the virtual kayak through a gorge etc etc. The paddle will be wired to a mouse to simulate right/left buttons to simulate turns. If the number of right and left clicks are equal , the kayak goes straight ahead.So I excercise and watch this video on my home theatre system for a more lively experience.

Just wondering if anyone has done something similar and can give me some pointers.



I myself would play a simulator like that…for sure. Even though I have never seen anything done like this on small scale, still, i would love to see what you come up with!

Good luck!

i modified an old mouse to detect the rotation of an screen. panda rotated the camera accordingly so that you could turn the screen and see through it like through a window into a virtual world.

if you use a old non-optical mouse you could use the axis more or less directly (unsolder the 2 rotation-detectors and connect them to your paddle). read out the x and y movement and compare it. should be easy if you have some skilled hands. it’s more accurate than just using the mouse buttons (and it recognizes the direction,too) and thus will allow more precise steering of your virtual kayak.

go for it! :slight_smile: