Simulation - Decisions Game

Hi all, Im new to the forum.
Im not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I hope you can help me guys.

In the very near future I wll have to make a simple decisions game where there is a scenario presented to the user and the user will have some options to take (like multiple choice test) and after he marks his answer the animation or scenario is going to continue. So basically the only user interaction with the application is going to be with the answers and of course the menus to quit, save progress and other related stuff.

The model objects may be streets, buildings, cars, persons and some weapons (the scenarios are going to be related to security).

Is Panda 3D my best option? what about Blender?
any other easier option?
I have knowledge in python and other languages programming, there is no problem with that, but im really new to 3d.

Thanks a lot

I don’t know how Blender support for 2D Interface (for your mutli choice panel) but Panda3D is full support for your game. (3D model, 2D interface, Music and Sound, terrain, Physic Engine, …)

If your game is simple. You can do it without much knowledge of 3D. Panda3D do almost your work.

And your game attend to logic process so being easier if you use a real game engine (I think It will more difficult when you write your code on Blender …)