Simple demo: Roaming Player and Non-player characters

PandaSteer and my other Panda3D projects are dormant for now. The reason I was developing PandaSteer was that I needed a 3D game environment with autonomous moving characters for my research project. I no longer need that, so work on PandaSteer stopped and I never did use it in my research. PandaSteer itself was pretty well complete though, the remaining work was in putting together a nice environment (terrain etc.) for the characters to steer in, putting in pathfinding, and building a game-like interface on top of it. It’s possible that one day I’ll want that game environment for that research project again so I might come back to it, Panda3D was fun but it was also a lot of quite low-level game engine programming that I wasn’t really getting paid for.

For AI behaviours you might want to have a look at this work if you haven’t already saw it:

I downloaded it yesterday, haven’t had time to play with it but it looks fully featured and well documented, it also has a demo to learn from. :smiley:
Right now i’m just trying to find out the basics first like loading models, animation, and importing models into blender to see how the egg files work, all of my modeling experiance is in making mods for Fallout 3 and Oblivion with Blender, i know how to handle nif files but eggs are new to me. also python is a whole new experience to me its so much better than any other language so far, from what iv heard is that math processing is slow in python, but thats what plugin lib modules are for. :laughing: