Simple Coordinate System Question

I am having a little trouble getting a grasp on the coordinate system used in Panda3D. If I set my camera to an Hpr of (0,0,0), I assume that the camera is pointing in the Z direction which means that if I use setPos(0, 10, 0), I should notice the camera moving upwards. Instead the camera seems to move forwards in the Z direction. I have a feeling that my assumption of pointing at an Hpr of (0,0,0) points in the Z direction is incorrect. From testing, it would appear that an Hpr of (0,0,0) points in the Y direction. Any insight?


Y is indeed forward. Panda uses (X, Y, Z) coordinates, and not (X, Z, Y). Z is upwards.
If you want to move an object forwards in its own coordinate system, you can set its movement relative to itself:

obj.setPos(obj, 0, 10, 0)
# Or simply:
obj.setY(obj, 10)

That will move the object with 10 units forward.