simple ambigramm painter

so what do you think about this one?

  • … pretty useless…
  • … ugly & useless …
  • … maybe … for educational usage… maybe not…

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thought this part of the forum is to show of the “cool stuff” i’d like to increase the coolness of all previous and following threads with my uncool one.
beware this is a VERY basic application. but it’s working (with minor non-critical bugs).
it opens a black window where you can paint ambigrams (like seen in the book “angels and deamons” …well depending on your skills)
it basicly draws the mouseposition (converted into pixel-space of the image) into a PNMImage when pressing 2 or 3 on your keyboard and reloads the texture using this pnmimage.

nothing great but quite funny.the 14 year old girl from across the street started reading “angels and deamons” and had a hard time drawing ambigramms. so i coded it for practice … well hers are looking ways better than the one i made with this piece of code… :unamused:
…an ugly example

anyway, just wanted to post since the showcase is pretty empty.
ts missing a lot of “features” like color choosing, gui, correct brush position etc…(wasn’t really worth spending more time in such stuff…for now)
if anyone could tell me how to save the final texture… none of the stuff in the manual/forum worked for me.
download the full code:

I do no find it useless at all…
If you have a public, then it’ is not useless :slight_smile: