Showcase without showing anything


I still would like to see some of those great Panda3D projects in action instead of just watching the screenshots in the gallery to get some real impression about the performance and visual quality. I’ve never found a link or download to all those student projects (mostly nameless). Furthermore the “Angels Fall First” project is only a closed beta, there is no cool techdemo or something. Even those Disney online games don’t offer a demo so you need some account first. Btw. those Disney devs seem to have a really cool world editor for their games but they don’t offer it in the Panda3D project… :confused:

And last but not least the animated avatar GIF of pro-rsoft looks like running on a next gen engine but I think it’s originally just a non-realtime rendered animation.

So is there anything visual impressive to see what Panda3D is capable off that I can run on my computer? And don’t tell me about the samples delivered in the SDK.

Everyone seems to implement his own stuff but no one shows something.

Robbson (who wants to get amazed about Panda3D).

Actually pro-rsoft’s avatar is a screengrab from Panda. He took one of the sample programs (I think it’s the first lesson when you start working through the manual) and modified all the included graphics to look better (mostly he replaced the textures with better images.)

I can think of plenty of demos floating around the forum for cool features in isolation, but I can’t think of any that are one single demo of lots of cool features thrown into one scene.

For the record, both Disney’s Toontown Online and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean online are free to play, and both are coded entirely in Panda with Python. You do have to create a free account, but there aren’t any strings attached.


What kind of features you would see ? There are many good games, demos … you can find in this forum.

Or you can try my demo, which collect several of them into one :sunglasses:

and here you’ll find a nice and almost complete game:

Given that it’s just a few threads away in the same section of the forum, I’m guessing you’ve seen demo-master? This is the single best showcase of Panda I’ve seen.