Should we have a panda3d party?

What do you think about having a panda3d online party

  • Sounds like a great idea!
  • It’s a possibility
  • Indifferent
  • That’s just plain stupid

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I had an idea in the name of promoting and nurturing the panda3d community, not sure if it’s any good or not though, so posting it here for discussion.

Why not have a panda3d party? Other software groups do it (blender at least), so why not panda3d?

I thought we could make it perhaps in order of celebrating 1.7.2 (or, the less buggy second release of 1.7, whatever number that will be), and it could be held in the next holidays after 1.7 is released, so it is more convenient for people to come. We could do things such as see how many people we can get into the IRC channel, set up a dedicated CS:1.6 server for everyone to play on, make a one night web ‘dj’ that streams music that everyone can listen to at the same time (lol), people could aim to have any new demo’s or examples released by that day, and we could critique all of them or so, if someone makes an addictive minigame that is online we could try that…

I dunno there’s lots of (albeit somewhat strange) possibilities… stream a movie online for everyone to watch, have a 1 night demo comp, set up an online chess / super smash / insert your favourite old-school game here tournament with real prizes for the winner etc…

The idea was partially inspired by the regular-ish seminars that are held at #mathematics, I figured it would be cool to have something like that for panda3d, but there’s probably no-one who wants to do a seminar for panda (lol), so got thinking and thought of a party…

Let me know what you think / discuss the idea.

yeah, a party sounds great to me, i will bring some tequilla with me… :laughing: