Should Egg Extensions Be Used While Developing?

Right now I’m loading my .egg files without the extensions -

self.Tree = loader.loadModel("/tree");

When I complete my project in the far future, and create an installer for the game, which means the egg files will turn into Bam files, will the .egg extension be needed then?

That’s what I’m wondering, should I include the .egg extension for bam conversion later


the extension will not be needed later for bam conversion…

I don’t want to go back in the end and add .egg to the end of a tone of file paths, if the extension is really needed for installer creation later on.

The extension is not needed for conversion. Actually, it would be wrong to add .egg extension, because when you pack your application it will try to load .egg files, which will not be there as they will all be converted to .bam.

The SDK has “default-model-extension .egg” set in Config.prc by default, which means that when you don’t specify an extension, .egg will be used. Now when you use packp3d, it’ll convert it into .bam automatically, and in the runtime, the default model extension will be set to .bam. So the point is that if you omit the extension for .egg files, you’ll be able to use Panda’s deployment tools without having to change your code.

So, if you specify it without extension, everything will be fine.