Ship pyyaml with panda?

Could pyyaml be shipped with panda?

That gets my vote, I love YAML.
A bit slow, but wonderful for those files that need to be edited by hand.
A similar, faster alternative is JSON that is standard with Python, but not very good for hand editing.

Ship where? In the Windows SDK? Or you mean as a package that can be used in .p3d?

Well, actually both.
I would like other people to be able to download panda and a game which runs with yaml dependancies, and just run it. (both source checkout-archive and .p3d)

If i understand it right, this should already be possible for .p3d (did only quick look at it).
In case it is not, it looks like a flaw in system.

You can actually do it yourself. When I did it I removed the c++ code from the pyyaml module just for quick portability.