Share the renderNode?

I know this is an off the cuff, obtuse question…

however, is it possible, in general terms, for a group of people at different IP addresses to “share” the render object?

is there a way that changes to “render” could be passed to a server and then distributed to other logged in users in real-time?

basically, Im wondering if there is a way to make a DIFF snapshot of just what has changed in “render”, convert it to an EGG, upload it to a server, merge it with other DIFFs from other users and redistribute the mutliplexed EGG back down to everyone and reattach just the changes?

basicaly you like all peolpe to have the same “render”-tree?
means all people have the same objects at the same positions etc.

if thats it you could go an easier way.
whenever the client creates or deletes a node or a whole node-tree you could try to send the command to all clients. as long as you dont modify the geometry of a model itself it should be fine (and as long as all clients have the modells on their harddisk.

depending on what you are trying to do (in example trying to start off with an already existing render+stuff in it, or an empty render or users logging in after starting) you certainly have needs.
resending all objects and its tree-structure with all values after login might not be traffic friendly but should work . once everything is set up you could switch over to apply only the changes made by other users

if you really intend to modyfiy geometry you can either re-send the whole modell file (perferably as BAM file to minimize the file size) or you can create diff’s for the single files (for example using the tools most linux distros comes with) if you just to minor changes on huge models than patching the files should be more effitient. changeing a lot or only having very low-detail model would be smaler to resend in binary form than patching ( the patch might be larger than the whole file in binary is)

dunno if you can patch binary files too, only saw it with text-only files.

well basicaly thats the concept of multi-player, doing changes in realtime, and if its just player positions or spawning creeps or something like this…

Thats what I was trying to find out…

im trying get my hands around the entire matrices / vector thing, as almost all of my experience is in discrete x,y,z coordinates. Im going through the tutorials every night and trying different combinations and I’m learning a lot.

I dont want to imply by my questions that Im not reading the documentation or working the tutorials - I am, but questions in the forums are definitely a 3rd illuminating method of learning.

Is it possible to start a motion vector on PC#1 and then have that motion vector cloned via a user who is observing from a different vantage point from a second computer?

Basically, I am wishing to build a world within the memory of the server and have all the changes individually gathered from the client PC’s and then the updates pushed down to the clients to keep everyone in sync.

Im just worried about vectors and matrices play into this dance…

all you would have to do is telling the client that he should create a motion vector =). how you’r doing this is pretty much meaningless. but since it’s network i guess you would have to send some data which contains engough information for the client to tell him what he shoud do.

thats all… more or less… or thats what i would gues… :smiley:
just like a chat application but instead of displaying something you applicatoin would create or delete something, a scenenode maybe.