Shape keys animation doesn't work

i created 2 animations using shape keys and i imported them as .egg from prpee exporter an none of these works fine for me

As I think that I’ve mentioned before, PRPEE is not recommended–it may well simply be that PRPEE doesn’t support shape-key animations.

(It may be something else–I don’t know PRPEE well–but I really do recommend using a different exporter, save perhaps for tasks that you’re already confident that it works for.)

even if it says here that it support :

That is fair; in that case I don’t know.

(Although I do still advise against its use as stated above.)

But it does raise a point: it may be worth bringing these things up in the issues section of the PRPEE GitHub page. On this forum you’re hoping that someone who uses PRPEE happens to be around. At least on the GitHub page the relevant dev is, I would imagine, more likely to see any such queries.

PRPEE is not officially supported. You should post this on the GitHub issue tracker of the PRPEE project; we can’t help with this.