Youre kidding, right? What about the directional light Ive set up?

OK, for example, comment the lines which set up the Spotlight and shadows. You’ll see that the directional light is shading the scene, which i think means Ive set up the directional light correctly. What I think this means is that (0,0,0) for attenuation actually causes the light to be very bright, so bright that Pnada model seems shadeless, and also causes the directional light shading to not be noticeable at all.
What do you think?

EDIT: Actually forget that, just zoom the camera out to see what I mean

How about if you set the light’s color to (0,0,0,0)?

If you mean with setAttenuation(), then the everything inside the spot will be black, if you mean without it, then the shadows will become invisible too.

This brought my hopes up…

Im not saying this for myself, in my current project I dont even need shadows, but I think shadows is something that any decent 3d engine should have. The current one works with spotlights, but by my knowledge spotlights are used only in very few scene types. I see many cool features added, but this is something I think is a real minus for Panda. Im not even talking about smooth shadows, etc.
Its my impression that features like this are not added because 2.0 is going to rewrite it all anyway, but 2.0 is hardly started, right? We are in present and use Panda now.
just my opinion, not a rant.

What are you talking about? Panda already has this feature.

Show me an engine that has shadows for directional lights that doesn’t have the same artifacts as Panda.

lol, well tell me how to set it up then. I tried all the suggestions and reported back what I got.

I don’t understand why it needs to be so complicated, why not simply settle for a spotlight?

what? ¬_¬

EDIT: BTW, I tried to search for that issue in other engines, but I couldnt find any mention, even on pages sepcifically about issues with using shadows with directional lights.
eg. … tails.html

I found something in this page interesting: shadow “fading”. Thats a really good idea, but OT.

What do you mean, “what”? Did I stutter?
You haven’t explained to me the reason why you can’t use a spot light.

That’s not basic shadow mapping, that’s PSSM (at least one implementation is already available on the forums.

If you want this technique to be implemented into Panda3D natively, why not file a blueprint and help as much as possible by gathering relevant papers, etc.?

There are few kinds of lights each intended for a particular scene, if you could use one instead of the other without any visual difference, why would there be different kinds of lights? In other words, can you really set up a spotlight to shade exactly like a directional light? Thats why Im surpised you asked.

I think everything before the “Shadow Cascade count” doesnt use PSSM. I was talking about the effect of shadows slowly fading to transparent in the distance. I dont think tha fade effect is only for PSSM. Anyway.

Well, Im just trying to get the built-in shadows to work. But since you mention, that would be pretty nice. I can post in Launchpad. I dont know what you mean by relevant papers? The explanation in the GPU Gems book and example code?
PS. The PPSM snippet has a bug, Ive posted there.

You can configure a spotlight to work fine for an outdoor scene.

It does. Notice how the captions below the screenshot says “4 cascades”.

You mean (almost) exactly like directional light? How? Ive tried before.

I think this image has fading … ails-9.jpg
and it says
Hard shadows with distance of 20 and no cascades.
For the rest, I was wrong, but the point is theres fading for “normal” shadows


Now for the original issue. So you can’t disable a light but still have it cast shadows?
If true, how can you set up a spotlight to shade like a directional light?

The exponent controls the falloff, and the attenuation controls the shading.

Not much luck.
I made this demo for setting the values with sliders:

The sample had a mistake in it.
So here:

It has a slider for exponent value and 3 for attenuation. I played with the sliders fo awhile. really not getting anything

I did all that was suggested. Am I still doing something wrong?