Shadows in Pirates?

Hi David,
How did you make shadows for Pirates of the Caribbean? Is this code in Panda distribution?
I code shadows for my actors, and learn about different techniques to make shadows, preferably, simple ones. What approach would you recommend to make fast and simple shadows?

Pirates uses the approach illustrated in direct/src/showbase/


I see. Is there any way to increase the quality of this shadow? I tested it on Ralph and it is… cheesy, right word.
Also, David, thank you for your support. You can’t imagine how helpful you are and how grateful I am to you for your help.

Sure, you can increase the pixel density by changing the size of the offscreen buffer–try increasing texXSize and texYSize to 512 or even 1024. You can also tweak the results by adjusting the size of filmX and filmY–these should be just large enough to enclose your avatar(s), and no larger.


is it possible to see the code where u implemented pirates shadows on ralph…?