When I try the feature tutorials such as normalmapping, ect. the video driver reports that shaders are not supported, but in gameSpace the procedural shaders work fine, including bump mapping. Anyone know what the difference is here? I’ve tried it in both OpenGL mode and DX8 mode.

procedural shaders??.. well for bumpmapping. lots of cards have buildin (hard-hardware-sided) functions to do bumpmapping. so you might be able to see them because it’s a fallback mechanism. there are other possibilities,too. gf4ti cars report no shaders,too but they have very basic one. so simple shaders will work (but those in the panda examples already use instructions which where introduced in later shaderversion)
what’s your graficcard?

Don’t know. How would I find that out?

Few ways to do this:

  • Go to your “hardware config manager”, or whatever that is called on your OS, and check your graphics card.
  • See if you still have a PC spec list from when you bought your PC.
  • Open your case, and check if there is a label on your graphics-card, if it’s not built in in the motherboard.

Ok, I found what I think is the video card. I could be wrong, though. I have an Intel® 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller.