Shaders without the shader generator

Turning on the shader generator screws up my game. I am using DirectX9, and if I turn the SG on my lighting stops working, and my tiled textures are stretched. If I use OpenGL my FPS goes way down (it does so even without SG turned on) and my animated water texture turns black. Is there anyway to use shaders without the SG? For example, bump mapping, or post-screen shaders like HDR or Bloom?

If so, is there any place I can download these, and any tutorials to help me make them?

Altough the Cg compiler outputs DirectX or OpenGL shader programs, DirectX shader support is very limited, … c_renderer

So yeah, if you want automatic shaders, just dont use DirectX. How slow is OpenGL? Maybe its just your drivers.

If you really want to use DirectX with shaders, youll need to get a shader file and youll also need to send data between Panda to Cg. Its not just assigning a shader to a node.

You could try dumping the shaders in OpenGL mode and assigning them to the nodes manually in DirectX mode, but I havent tried this, could be difficult.
I think youll need to add this to Config.prc file

dump-generated-shaders #t

and it should generate a file(s) in your python script folder.
Again I havent tried that myself.

If I were you learning Cg and writing my own shaders would be the last option. Its pretty difficult.

It would be better if we tried to find out why your OpenGL is so slow.