Shaders, How do you use them?

I understand how to sorta use them, but I’m a little lost on actully use them. Is there any more really simple examples out there?

I’m looking mainly for a water shader and a bloom or is it a HDR one to make things “shiny”?

I took a look at the demomaster, but everything so smash togather that it’s really hard to follow. =/

I also get a “fog is not supported” when I use the autoshader command; is that normal?

Have you seen sample programs like “Cartoon Shader - Advanced” and “Shadows - Advanced” ? They show how to apply shaders.

For bloom simply use:

filters = CommonFilters(,

Don’t forget to import

from direct.filter.CommonFilters import CommonFilters

If you want only some models to be affected by it, read this: … ge_Filters
Panda doesn’t come with a water shader (not used so often) so you’ll have to do it manually. Like rdb said take a look at he Cartoon inking/shading samples in your ‘samples’ folder

Oh, right. And for HDR:

PS: Dont know about fog, but transparent textures and stencils can act a bit weird with the filters

Fog is not supported by the Shader Generator at this time.

lol is it ever going to be? (Remembers a few years back).