LOL , I think this site needs way more simple tut. then it has XD. Any case I need some help with starting shaders- trying to make water with the shader in the Demo-Nature and using it in mine. I am really lost with their code and the use of mine and what I have seen on the site/forums, can anyone help me with a simple code base on how to use it on a block? I have used this code:

town1water = loader.loadModel("town/objects/water.egg")
town1watershader = myShaderAttrib.setShader(Shader.load("town/shaders/water.sha"))

To no luck, it says: NameError: global name ‘setShader’ is not defined
Most liky just doing it wrong XD but I dont fully get the tut/example just yet (mostly because they creat the the water rather then past it? I think-?)


Also the nature demo require an offscreen buffer - you need to set it up and pass it to the shader too. I recommend starting with simpler shader.

Oh? Like what?, if you have an example, that will help out alot.

Toon shader, i started with the glow shader to learn about multiple buffers took it apart till i know every thing.