Shader view in pview?

Is there a way to view models in pview that have multitexturing setup, or odd blend modes?

I’ve got single texture models into the viewer with lighting, but was looking for a way to show multi-texture stuff. Or even just have a few polys additive and so on.

From what I can tell (but could be wrong!), anything like that would be set up via the python script that loads the model? If that’s true, then a modelviewer specific to the game being made should be quite easy. Just wondered if this works ‘out of the box’ ?

I’m just investigating Panda, and am really impressed with many of its features, but mostly its ease of use.

Sorry if this has been asked or is in the manual - I did have a good look around for it! Please feel free to point me to the right section of the manual if I’ve missed something!


Sure, that’s possible. You just need to have an egg file (or bam file) that describes multitexturing. As far as I know, however, only maya2egg is currently capable of generating multitexture egg files. If you don’t have Maya, you’d have to edit your egg files by hand to add the additional texture layers.


Ok thanks for clarifying that. I wasn’t sure if material/shader definitions were setup in a separate file (that’s what I’ve been used to with most game engines).

Seems like if we use Panda3d, it would be best to do some work on whichever exporter we chose rather than spending the time making our own model viewer - that way everyone benefits.

The Blender one could still use some work… :wink: