I have this code:

MUSICMGR = base.musicManager
EFFECTMGR = base.sfxManagerList[0]


when I call setVolume I get the warning:
:audio(warning): FmodAudioManager::set_volume has no effect

I would like to know how to set the same volume for all sounds in the game, I don’t know why it is not working, could I do the same thing with another code?

i think FmodAudioManager::set_volume is not supported

on startup panda should read the audio-volume prc option. on runtime your code seems to be allright - try with openal instead of fmod

Thank you guys, I didn’t notice that,
also this link might help another person:

FmodAudioManager::set_volume is implemented on latest CVS (someone provided a patch) and will be available in 1.7.0.

In the meantime, you could use OpenAL.