setTwoSided or most vertex ?

I want textured palm leaves and are visible on both sides (I use png alpha textures, each sheet has 12 vertex) , what is better? Add more vertex to be visible on both sides(duplicate leaves) or use setTwoSided(this also affects the stem of the palm) ? which consumes less resources? Thank you.

It doesn’t matter a whole lot, but in general, setTwoSided() requires a state change, while additional vertices just requires additional vertices. Modern graphics cards can generally render many more vertices than we typically throw at them, but a state change is always kind of expensive.

So, depending on your graphics card, it’s usually cheaper to create additional vertices. This is the way the egg loader handles the { 1 } flag by default.

Of course, your mileage may vary. You can try it out both ways and see if you can measure a difference.


David, your answer is very clear, thank you very much.