setting up panda

hi… i’m back with another doubt… i use notepad to write programs and i save them as .py… when i try to open them directly by double clicking them, it does’nt open… but when i open it through command prompt, it opens… so every time i have to open a file, i need to open it through command prompt…

BTW,i use python 2.5… i installed it seperately… not the one given with the panda…

is there a way to make life easier??? pls help…

Panda3D comes with its own copy of python 2.5. Its possible that when using the command-line, you use panda’s copy (if you type “ppython” or so), and that the double-click action is assigned to your system’s copy of python. Try removing your separate python 2.5 and reinstalling panda3d. Or, you can manually change the double-click actions.

By the way, it’s perfectly normal to run your app over the commandline. It’s the easiest way to be able to see what happens when your application crashes.
…Most people here, including me, run their apps using the command line.

oh…so using commandlines wud b the best choice ha?? k… thx for the quick response… :slight_smile:

If you dislike it, just consider it as a bad joke :laughing: :laughing:

If you want to open a .py with python by clicking it :
Control Panel > Folder Options > File Types

  1. choose PY, or create it if it doesn’t exist
  2. click Advanced
  3. create new action, name it “open”
  4. choose python.exe for the app, and don’t forget to append "-i " to enable interactive mode, or you won’t be able to see the error messages

You can always use a better editor than notepad, as suggested here : … hon_Editor

or if you want something different, and want to help me in testing mine :