Setting up P3D in Eclipse?

Right now, I’m trying to set up P3D in eclipse, to be coded in C++. I’ve mucked a bit around in it, but can’t figure out anything. Is there a tutorial or something using it?

Also, I’ve tried using MSVS (microsoft visual C++ Express), but can’t figure out how to delete the NVDEBUG macro, as Alt+F8 doesn’t work, and it’s not under the view menu. =/


Don’t know about eclipse, but as for NDEBUG, remove it from your preprocessor settings under the properties popup.

like this:

In the Solution Explorer window (usually on left side), right click on the bold text project name to get the menu and left click on “Properties”. You’ll see a popup and in its left side window expand the “C/C++” option, then in there select “Preprocessor”, then you’ll see the page for that display where at the top is an area where you would remove NDEBUG.

Thank you!

I’m using Eclipse but under Linux. Here’s two shotscreens of my setup, if it can help: … setup.png/ … setup.png/