setTexOffset Problem

Hello people, this time I´m having some issues with setTexOffset, my problem is:

I have loaded a vertical cylinder with a texture, which should act as a force shield for a crystal present in my game:

Then inside the task which should scroll this texture in a vertical way I did as the manual said:

But the texture just stay still, no errors are given. The sky mesh rotation( setH ), inside the same task is working, what could I be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Well, discovered something. Texture scroll gets stuck only when I use custom shader( cg ).

I have no ideia currently about how to make my shader do the same task panda3d did for me =/

Your shader does not respect the texture matrix that Panda sets, probably. You’ll either need to multiply the coordinates with the matrix Panda passes to the shader, or you need to implement the scrolling yourself (for example, by adding float2(0, k_time.x) to the texture coordinates).