setColor() on light nodepath should affect the light

I noticed that I can’t perform colorInterval() on the light itself, I can only do it on the NodePath. At the same time, calling setColor() on a light NodePath doesn’t affect the color of the light itself. The feature request is: calling setColor() on the NodePath should affect the color of the underlying light.

Hmm. My first response was, “You’re just thinking about it wrong. They’re completely different properties.”

But on second thought, I think you’re right. The scene graph color should affect the light’s color. After all, the scene graph transform affects the light’s position, doesn’t it?

I’ll put it on the list.


I have just recently tried something similar, but with a OnscreenText. Which doesnt work as well, if im not mistaken (did it wrong).

Hmm, now an OnscreenText should work just fine with setColor() or setColorScale(). Of course, you might need to apply an override, e.g. textNode.setColor(r, g, b, a, 1). Also, the scene graph color will override everything in your OnscreenText node, so if your OnscreenText involves a background card or shadow or some other aspect that shouldn’t be colored, you may not be happy with the results.