Set the material characteristics in a NodePath at runtime?

I am using the emissive characteristic in an .egg file to simulate an engine glow:

5_ship_c {
emitr {1.0}
emitg {1.0}
emitb {1.0}
diffr {0.1}
diffg {0.1}
diffb {0.1}
specr {0.25}
specg {0.25}
specb {0.25}
shininess {12.5}

Is there a programmatic way to change the emitr, emitg and emitb scalars for the associated NodePath at runtime?

NodePath.findAllMaterials(“5*”) returns the characteristics but I am not sure how to modify them.

you can try NodePath.getMaterial(), this returns an instance of the Material class, which you can modify and apply to the nodepath again by doing NodePath.setMaterial().