Server test/game test.

Hey everyone ^.^ I am happy to say I just got a larg chunk of my networking done and I want to test it out with the commuity to see how many ppl it can run befor it slows down. Its manly a chat room atm but you can also have fun and “shoot” ppl ^^ kinda like a hide and go seek game:P When you click/shoot that person they get sent back to the starting postion.

I’m still working it on, and will have new things ever week or so. Mainly atm i’m having some problems with char. I’m not an artest so its taking a lot of my “coding” time to work on models then code it self.

Build on windows-- Version Build05262010

Game server will be down for a while. Redoing server from ground up.

wasd are the moving keys, left click to shoot, + to make it full screen, and esc to exit out of the game or return to the main menu.

You’ll need to make an account at the main screen. Just click “Creat a new account”. None of the settings work :slight_smile: so just type your user name and password. Then you’ll be brought back to the main screen again. Just type in your account to gain access to the game and other things.

Sorry if the server goes down for w/e reason. Just wait a few sec and try again…

[color=indigo]Please keep comming in with ideas and comments on things you like to see change and i’ll try to get them to work. Also please always report any bug you see or think its a bug.

kk ^^ I haven’t stop coding my game:O I just took breaks and school got in the way lol. Now that I have more time, you’ll see more updates.

This one will still look like the olders ones, but with more stable code behind it. I’m not good with viusalls at all ^^;

This version has:

  1. Warp gates: Areas codes are (a1 i i) for the Main Area; (g1 m16 i) for a smaller map shoot em up map, and (shape ship i) for a small ship map.
  2. Bullet corss over, now you see when other players shoot and where they hit. Still working on the sound half of it.
  3. and a lot of bug fix(s).
    -New user screen not going away.
    -Heart beat still playing after being shoot/killed.
    -Fixs UDP problems with some OS not working with it… (still need to really fixs this… I side step it lol)
    -Gun going into the world. Now stays above.
    -Slower Jump speed… if it’s still too fast, please comment below.

To Do List:

  1. Fixs Slops/stairs for a more smoother up and down.
  2. Fixs FlashLight from not turning everything dark.
  3. Add Mail, FriendList, Accounts, so on screens setups.
  4. Add a day/night light.
  5. Work more on the GUI to get them all working.
  6. Work on textures and models.

i’d love to test but i’m on linux so i cant really use the installer provided.

Kk ^^ i’ll make a work around. .zip file ok?

Actully i’m trying to make this as open as I can for everyone to use it. Is there a way I could compile it for all os?

A. I could not create an account.
B. Please release a separate zip of the sound files. They are HUGE and unnecessary. Also don’t release wav files. Compress them somehow!

C. 2 egg files, each of which are 25MB?? Neither are visible in PView.

You did make a account I see a few ppl have actully. Have to relog back into to get into it. Um ok I can for the sound. Idk if the sound will work as mp3s or not, but i’ll try it.

The 2 egg files are the map and the mesh for collision.

Actully I could combin them… its just the collision map is differnt then the real one.

there are more formats than just mp3 and wav. how about ogg or flac files? dunno about flac but ogg should be supported by panda.

about egg’s . they are good since they are version compatible across panda-releases. but they are also quite huge. so you might want to use the zipped version of egg. so called egg.pz files. there is a small commandline tool included in panda to convert back and forth between those two. egg.pz can be loaded directly by panda.

for most non-windows users a zip containg the game-content and python files would be fine.

i’m looking foreward to test it :slight_smile:

Ok. Next release will have sounds as ogg files. The maps are now .egg.pz and if everything goes ok with the code in this build, there shouldnt have to be another download.

Build06052009 has a self updater. I didnt test it so i’m not sure if it’ll work or not but i’m getting there;)

Kk ^^ uploaded and ready for testing. You’ll also notice the size has been cut down to half and 1/3 for the zip file.

There is a small bug tho. Not sure how to fixs it. When you do the update it seems to not want to show the pic and the downloading data (the numbers) but it does print the % at witch its at via the cmd screen?

Just tested it.

Creating an account and so on worked without any problems.

Nice work.

Just a small hint:
I saw that your whole program is written within a single file with 1000 lines.
Try splitting it up into multiple smaller files containing seperate classes.
Else you will get lost in your own code :wink:

Ahaha. All ready am lost in my code ^^ Actully i’m going back now and adding comments so if others read the code, they know whats going on and why I did that. But you are right I should seperate the code up some, would make it easier with each map that will load up onces I get the models setup too.

I updated my game, it also includes more guns and a better networking setup. I also have comment out alot of the lines of code, there are alot of em I haven’t or just haven’t gotten around to it just yet.

I would like to test, but i have error, when was trying to download file :
Sorry, the file you requested is not available .

Please check

Sure ^^ but give me a while. Redoing a lot of the code, but I been really busy. I’ll upload another version when I finish theses changes that I wanted to fixs/redo…

#More maps/areas
#More guns/weapons
— A lot more server fixs and client upgrades + bug fixes and performance increases.

^^ kk a new upload… should work I hope! o.o lol.

Sorry if the server goes down for w/e reason. Just wait a few sec and try again…

Downloaded and tryed it.

-When creating a char, the interface does not clear/hide it self, so i ended up seeing all the buttons and windows covering the game.(Solution was to quit and start again and clicked straight on game)

-Gun gets cut by the ground(It kinda seems like the guns scale is way too big)

-Bullet shot marks on the wall flicker when you move(put them 0.01 away from wall)

-Jumping kinda lifts you up(like teleports).

When running up the stairs, it bumps(kinda logical as its a stair yet a smooth stair run would add more to stressless playability)

Other than that it ran fine with no errors.

Fix. Thought I all ready fixs this one lol.

Tis not to big for say. You’re just too small. Um, I need to figure out a way to draw them right tho… still not sure how to do it. Right now they’re just right nexts to each other, but a little off (forward) so thats why it looks off (like the gun is to big).

Fixs. I saw that right after I made the setup.

Really? I thought the jump speed was sorta nice, but yea I can slow it down if you think it’s too fast.

Yea… the last step always is the tricky one when you go up em. I’ll try and fixs that soon… not sure how to really just yet…

Thats good to hear :slight_smile: lol, but it sounds like you ran into a few tho. I have most of them fixs and ready to go, so I’ll work out the kinky stair ways for yea.

Hope to see you soon again tho ^^. Thanks again.

kk ^^ new update added.

Would be a pleasure to test your game adr but don’t see any link to download it!