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Our new IT specialist on our team just asked a question which I’m not sure how to answer. Servers are not something I know a great deal about thats why we brought him on board. He would like to know what server software panda3d is happy with. He has Apache and Windows Server 2000 both lic and ready to go but wants to know if there is a preference to one of them or another server software. We were using the Torque MMO Kit as a guideline on our python scripting and database setup. They use Apache and most of the stuff we pulled and added on is setup for use with Apache. We have been happily typing away on python and C script along with setting up database folders and have made a very large error. We never thought about what server software was needed or was recommended for use with Panda3d. Now we are wondering if we have to scrap all of our work and start over or if there is a way to fix this and move on.

as far as i know panda has no preferences in servers. you can use pretty much anything you can use with python/panda or c++ if you’r using it.

panda and python offers many different ways of exchanging data with servers.
started with python’s low-level socket support, over the usualy ftp http access up to panda’s internal network manager stuff.

so… you could write your server in pure python, or even c++, or you run panda on the server-machine and disable rendering-output.
you can use pretty much whatever you want as server as long as panda or python can somehow communicate with it.

while panda offers some very high-level network operations like distributedNodePath its not useable since the server-side of this code was never released to public.
so no “out of the box mmorpg server” afaik.
panda still provide convenient things like the networkmanager which provides things like, connection-handling, detection of lost connections etc.

there are several network examples on the forum. some use pythons UDP sockets. others use panda’s connection manager.

I think the more easy way apache wise would be to have a Panda3D daemon running and then connect using pyro (or any other tool) to connect to it from a cgi script run by the webserver.

True, it highly depends on what you want to do - but for a browser game, this would be the best way to go. :wink:

Panda3D (with disabled rendering screen) can be run in CGI-mode too, but note that each refresh means a new Panda3D instance has to be created (time/cpu consuming).

Regards, Bigfoot29

Panda3d runs fine on all of my servers. Why do you need apache with panda3d? Normal servers just open their own ports and let clients connect (using some thing else then HTTP) Using apache to run your server us unusual…

I recommend using Django for websites - or a webased game. You can still use panda3d classes inside Django or any other python framework…