Server instancing

I’ve been working on my client / server game for several weeks now. I’m getting around to instancing objects on the server. The objects are loaded from a level.yml file, then the server updates their exact position.

Now I’m refactoring my client to stop making its own local decisions, and ask the server about objects. And I’m confused about the approach to use for this.

From a best practices point of view, what’s the best way to instance things on the server? I need to make actual 3d objects on the server to take advantage of collision detection, yes? Or is there a performance advantage to some other way? Is there any example code of a server sending level data to the client, while keeping the authoritative position & status of each object instance?

I’m so very, very grateful for Panda3d and the forums. I’ve had tons of fun, and my 8 year old son is helping me decide what to put in next (“Let’s do a purple cursor now!”), and it’s been really tremendous to get to play with these tools. I appreciate your time on my question, and I am in awe of the software you so freely let me use.