Semi-transparent as a whole [Solved]

Hi guys, how do you make a nodepath semitransparent as a whole? :neutral_face:
For example, I have a house node with desks and chairs as child nodes in it. Now I want to see through the house by making it semitransparent, without exposing the desks, chairs and its inner wall. Is there a simple way to achieve that?


umm… I want to just simply see through a whole nodepath (maybe… just like when you change the opacity of a layer group in Photoshop), but this way will make the semitransparent parent and its also-semitransparent child nodes visually stack together :neutral_face:

what i want is like:

but not:

I don’t know whether there’s an easier way, but one method that occurs to me that should work is to render the object to an off-screen buffer, then apply the texture taken from that buffer to a quad in your main scene graph and render that with transparency as described above.

that should do it (as i dont need to preserve any depth info atm), thanks :smiley: