segfault with ogg sound files

I tried a simple piece of code:

from direct.showbase.DirectObject import DirectObject
import direct.directbase.DirectStart

#mySound = loader.loadSfx("sounds/siren.ogg")
#mySound = loader.loadSfx("sounds/siren2.ogg")
#mySound = loader.loadSfx("sounds/siren3.mp3")
mySound = loader.loadSfx("sounds/siren4.ogg")
#mySound = loader.loadSfx("sounds/siren.wav")

DO.accept('s', mySound.stop)

with any ogg file, either prepared with different programs or gathered from different sources I get always segfault but that never happen with any wav or mp3s. Is just my problem? FYI my Config.prc is untouched and settled with

EDIT forgot to say: the segfault happen at the second play, either after a pause or just two play straight

What is the encoding of the ogg file? Vorbis, mp3, flac?

Also, can you give me details on your build of Panda?

vorb codec at 44100hz 96kb/s MONO

it’s 1.7.0-4 off kubuntu karmic