Seeing world through an egg!

Hi, I’d like to get some feed back on how to implement this:

I have a world, somewhere in this world there is an egg.

The aim is:

(1) to get the world (whole scene) projected onto the surface of the egg, considering the observer is located at a point inside the egg (think about the chicken eye!)

(2) then to render the ‘painted’ egg as seen from a point P (located inside or outside the egg)

Browsing through the forum, I got 3 possible approaches:

(a) texture projection on surface. But I understand (maybe wrongly) that it could be quite expensive in term of performances

(b) write a specific shader

© use the NonLinearImager approach. (don’t get the idea on how to project on a non flat surface inside the “darkroom”…)

Prior entering into coding, and possibly reaching either a dead-end or a not so smart approach, I’d like to get some guidance.

So what would be your recommandations to tackle the implementation (in python or c++)?

Maybe render to texture and set that texture on model?
I think teapot on tv smaple does that.

Sounds like … _Cube_Maps

Going path a) ie projecting the world as seen by the chicken eye to the eggshell’s texture and then filming again the eggshell from the observer point seems to be the easiest way.

Having said so I’m sort of puzzled with the initial projection from the chicken eye to the eggshell: should it come from a spherical lense and be a spherical one?! so the question is what kind of initial steps to perform.