Secondary School EduPanda?

Hi all,

I’m trying to use Panda3d and python in an education context, specifically in secondary school to help kids learn algebra, but also to help kids and teachers build their own educational games.

Does anyone have any experience teaching panda or python to a younger audience? Or anyone of the younger audience who’s learned python and panda?

I’m probably going to end up writing a library and template files to help the kids get started, I’ll be sure to post results up here when they start coming in :smiley:


Sounds like a fun project. I’ve heard of other people introducing Python in a secondary-school setting, but you’re the first I’ve heard introducing Panda too. :slight_smile: Have you also considered Alice?


thats the best thing you can do, include also maya or blender for geometric painting. and im nearby to 100% sure the listeners will love you for this. on that way you can bring color into nature dry sience stuff.

i dreamed about educational simulating tool, which get programmed by myriads of humans. but it only depends on the ego of the scienentists, if to many follow the way of arrogance it will never come to that size, i dreamed about.

so the tool should bring together physics, geometry, mathematic and biology.

you are on the right track!!!
me bless you :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I will be introducing Blender as well.

I’m hoping to do a model 3d/4d fractal just to get ooohs and ahhhhs, but I may go for something a bit simpler since that makes for icky data structures.


I’ve looked at Alice, but the current version is not portable, only 3.0 is available on all systems including Mac and Linux.