Second downtime?

I am sorry, but I need to ask publically… this was the second downtime I have observed. Anything in progress that we should worry about?
Anything we can do against?

If you don’t want to answer public, feel free to send me a message…

Hope, everything is still all right.

Regards, Bigfoot29

Today is the day of the “BVW show” - the entertainment technology center puts on a big demonstration of all the games our students made during the course of the semester. It’s really chaotic - we’ve got thirteen barely functioning games, 50 students in silly costumes, and a half-dozen movies, and we’re trying to integrate them all into a fun, entertaining show for 500 people. We have 48 hours from the time the games are selected to the time of the show. So as you can imagine, it’s chaotic as hell here.

Well, in all the chaos, some rocket scientist must have needed a power strip, because the panda webserver was unplugged (its keyboard was gone too).

What do you want — we’re a video game school. We function on the basis of controlled chaos.

I should mention that I moved the webserver to my office, so that particular problem probably won’t happen again.

Also, there was a little downtime associated with the mediawiki vulnerability. I had to upgrade, which involves taking down the webserver while I try to figure out the various upgrade scripts.

  • Josh

That sounds like funs, mind to advice us next time to plan our trip beforehand? :stuck_out_tongue: