Search basic multiplayer example

I find the doc for the network quite basic, I’m looking for a more realistic example than just sending a helloworld.

is there a multiplayer ralph implementation for example ?
I don’t see from the doc how to move my ralph character to send it to the server and move this character to the other clients.
I would like an example with a good “practice” rather than trying to tinker with something bad at home

i found this:

but it’s pretty old code and the server and made in node.js, I’m looking for something just in python
what worries me the most is how to manage bots with pandai

There are some networking samples contributed by @wolf in the samples directory of the master branch on GitHub:

EDIT: Oops, I did not notice how old this thread was. Well, perhaps this response will still be useful to someone who finds this thread via a Google search.